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Drs. Fine, Hoffman & Sims Opthalmologists in Eugene Oregon


Preparing for Your iLASIK or PRK Eye Surgery

Prior to the day of your iLASIK or PRK eye surgery.
Make transportation arrangements. You should NOT drive yourself home after surgery because you may be mildly sedated and your eye may be patched. If you are unable to arrange transportation home after surgery, we will make arrangements for you. Please let us know if we may be of assistance in this important matter.
Please remove all facial makeup (lipstick, facial creams, eye makeup, etc.) a minimum of 1 day prior to surgery. For your own safety, surgery may be canceled if makeup is present.
Contact lenses can "warp" the corneal surface, which changes the corneal curvature and leads to a measurement of your refraction that is not representative of your true refraction. In order to properly calculate the treatment to correct your refractive error, you will have to stop wearing contact lenses at some stage prior to surgery. The time interval that you must go without wearing contact lenses depends on the type of lens that you use and the length of time you have used them.
  • Soft contact lenses may not be worn for at least two (2) weeks prior to the preoperative exam and the procedure.
  • Gas permeable lenses (RGP) may not be worn for at least three (3) weeks prior to the preoperative exam and the procedure.
  • Hard Lenses (PMMA) may not be worn for at least (4) weeks prior to the preoperative exam and the procedure.
  • Please have a light breakfast and/or lunch prior to your surgery. If you do not usually eat breakfast or lunch, then do not force yourself to eat.
    There are generally no restrictions on taking medications before or on your surgery day, however, please advise us of any medications you are taking.
    Please review the consent form as this is to be signed on the day of your surgery.
    The Day of iLASIK or PRK Surgery
    Please note that you may feel nervous, anxious or excited prior to your procedure. This is a completely natural, normal response.
    Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne on your surgery date. Please do not use any hair products that contain alcohol such as hair spray or mousse.
    Please be aware that after your surgery your eyes will be irritated and light sensitive. This usually dissipates within 24 hours after surgery.
    We recommend avoiding alcohol 24 hours prior to and 48 hours after your surgery, as this tends to dehydrate the tissues.
    Wear comfortable clothing on your surgery day. Avoid clothing such as wool that may generate lint in the surgical suite.
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    Commonly Asked Questions:
    How soon after surgery will I see well?

    Each patient is different. Most patients experience a dramatic improvement 8 to 10 hours after the treatment.

    Can I drive home after the procedure?
    No, you should arrange for someone to transport you. You should not drive for at least 24 hours after the surgery, possibly longer.

    Will I still need my glasses or contacts?
    The goal of refractive surgery is to reduce your dependence on glasses and/or contact lenses, but refractive patients still may benefit from reading glasses or distance glasses when they desire perfect near or distance vision.

    Do I need to come back for follow up visits?
    Yes, there are 5 required visits after your procedure. The schedule is:
    • 24 hours
    • 1 to 2 weeks
    • 1 month
    • 3 months
    • 6 month