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Love Your Glasses - Tips on keeping your glasses in top condition

Here are just a few tips to keep your glasses in top condition:

  • Be careful
    Handle your eyeware gently! To keep your eyeglasses in perfect adjustment, use both hands to remove your glasses and always store them in a hard case. Look before you sit!

  • Be clean
    Never use paper! Use warm water, mild liquid soap and a soft cloth to clean your glasses daily. Never wipe dry lenses. Use your Focal Point cleaning solution and cloth when you're on the go.

  • Be cool
    Never leave your eyeware in the sun or in a hot car! Lenses and frames warp and crack quickly when exposed to moderate heat.

  • Don't be a stranger!
    Stop by any Focal Point location for free adjustments and cleaning!
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Commonly Asked Questions:

How often should I have an eye exam?

Children - Six months of age, three years old, before starting school, and every two years after. If your child wears glasses or contacts,
Adults - Every one to two years up to age 40. Adults with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other disorders should be seen annually. Adults over 60 should be seen annually.