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Drs. Fine, Hoffman & Sims Opthalmologists in Eugene Oregon

Contact Lenses

As a service to our patients, we offer complete contact lens fitting. After your doctor examines your eyes and determines that you are a good candidate for contact lenses, a separate appointment is made with a technician who will measure your eyes and discuss your options. We have specially trained technicians to fit bifocal contact lenses. Call for current pricing.

Contact Lenses: Good Choice for Kids?
Physically the eyes can tolerate contacts at a very young age. What parents need to ask is, "Is my child mature enough to wear contact lenses?" If you're considering contact lenses for your child take a look at how your child handles other responsibilities. If your child needs frequent reminders for everyday chores, he may not be ready for the responsibility of wearing and caring for contact lenses.

Children are usually great contact lens wearers if they accept the responsibility for them. They adapt well to wearing the lenses. Kids also develop fewer complications than adults. Younger people usually heal faster and have stronger immune systems.

Sports and contact lenses are a great combination for all athletes, including smaller athletes. Contact lenses may be a safer vision option than glasses for recreation use. Polycarbonate lenses are a must, but frames are more vulnerable to breakage. Many contact lenses, especially rigid gas permeable lenses, offer better optics than eyeglasses. This leads to clearer vision and better sports performance.

Below are the contact lenses available:
Spherical Planned Replacement (clear or visitint)
  Biomedics 55/38
  Focus monthly (8.6 & 8.9)
  Frequency 55 (14.2)
  Frequency 55 Aspheric (14.4)
  Optima FW (6 pack)
  PRP 55/Proactive
Spherical Planned Replacement (colors)
  Expressions (Cooper)
  Focus monthly (soft colors (8.6 & 8.9)
new! Freshlook Colors
new! Freshlook Colorblends
Toric Planned Replacement
  Frequency 55 Toric
  Focus Toric
  Optima Toric (4-pk)
  Optima Toric (2-pk)
Multifocal Planned Replacement
  Focus Progressive
  Cooper Frequency 55 multifocal
Spherical Disposable
  Acuvue dailies (30-pk)
  B & L 2 week
  Focus weekly (8.4 & 8.8)
  Focus dailies (90-pk)
  Precision UV (high +/-)
Toric Disposable
  Acuvue Toric (12-pk)
  Softens 66 Toric (6-pk)
Multifocal Disposable
  Acuvue Multifocal
Vial Lenses
  B & L Optima toric single lens
  Ciba Illusions color lens

NOTE: Drs. Fine, Hoffman, and Sims strongly recommend that lenses be worn on a daily wear basis only. Of all contact lens wearers, patients who routinely sleep in contact lenses run the greatest risk of infection and other problems. For example, the risk for corneal ulcer is 4-5 times greater for patients who sleep in their lenses. Also, it is critical that your hands are free of tap water when handling soft lenses.

*It is our policy for your eye health not to renew contact lens prescriptions without annual eye exams.

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Color Contact Lenses

Freshlook Colorblends® for a subtle change
3-in-1 technology blends three colors into one.

Freshlook Colors for a more dramatic change
Makes even the darkest eyes more alluring.

Freshlook Radiance™ illuminates without changing eye color
A pearlescent starburst pattern brightens and adds sparkle.

Freshlook Dimensions™ enhances and defines
A unique charcoal outer starburst pattern makes eyes look bigger and brighter. Creates depth and dimension with natural-looking transparent hues.

Focus® Softcolors® for enhancing impact
Enhances natural light eye color with a solid tint.

Durasoft® 3 Color Blends®
A subtle change for dark eyes.

Durasoft® 3 Color
A dramatic change for dark eyes.

Cibasoft® Softcolors®
For enhancing light eyes.

Acuvue® 2 Colours™
3 layer special translucent color-enhancing layer.