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Vision Test Eugene

Vision Test Eugene

5 Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Vision Test- And Where To Go For a Thorough Exam:

Eugene, OR is home to many fine ophthalmologists. The difficulty in choosing the right one can be eliminated by simply taking a look at the difference in services offered from one eye care facility to the next. If you’re planning on scheduling a vision test in Eugene during the next several weeks, we invite you to contact our office or visit us online to learn more about our services. We offer one of the most comprehensive, thorough vision examinations in the region. Schedule your upcoming eye test by calling us at 800-452-2040.

We offer the following information for anyone who may be thinking about scheduling an eye exam but may be hesitant for one reason or another. If cost is keeping you from seeing an eye doctor, remember that when it comes to your vision, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking care of your eyesight is one of the best investments you can make in your health. Schedule a vision test with Eugene’s most reputable eye doctors if you notice any of the following signs:

Sudden or gradual blurring of vision or issues with your eyes focusing. It can be tempting to think that changes in your vision are simply due to aging, or thinking that this happens to everyone over time, but the fact is, early detection can prevent many vision problems that can eventually lead to vision loss.
The sudden appearance of ‘floaters’ flashes of light or vision obstruction, which may be a sign of retinal detachment. The sooner you are seen by an ophthalmologist, the higher your chances of successful treatment.
Squinting may be a sign that you’re having a hard time seeing objects at a distance you may not have had problems seeing from in the past. Squinting is a good indicator for parents that their child should be scheduled for a thorough vision test.
If you’ve suddenly become sensitive to light, you may have an eye infection or other issue that should be seen promptly by an eye care specialist.
If you haven’t been seen within the last two years for an exam, it’s time to schedule one today.

Be choosey about who you trust with your vision and eye health. Not all eye doctors are specialists in their field. Drs. Fine, Hoffman, & Sims work with the latest technology and techniques of our day to provide cutting-edge eye care to the Eugene community. We welcome you to stop by our website at to learn what types of procedures are available from us, and why we have chosen them to treat our patients. Click on the ‘New Technology’ link to see how we are able to treat eye disease and other vision problems with the newest equipment. You’ll find our website to be a tremendous resource while deciding where to go for your upcoming vision test in Eugene.

Vision Test Eugene
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Vision Test Eugene