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Symptoms of Presbyopia
Presbyopia is caused by an age-related process. As you become older, you may have difficulty in focusing your eyes for close objects, such as when reading, sewing, or working at the computer.

You may find you need to hold books, magazines, newspapers, menus and other reading materials at arm's length in order to focus properly. It may also produce headaches, eyestrain, or fatigue.

Normal Vision


Presbyopia is caused when the lens of the eye loses some of its flexibility and cannot focus sharply on near objects. Presbyopia is an inevitable companion of middle age. No treatment, including diet and exercise, can inhibit its progress.

Treatment Available
Presbyopia can be corrected with the following:

More Information on Presbyopia:
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Commonly Asked Questions
What will help?

Most patients choose to use glasses or contacts to correct presbyopia. Other patients choose refractive surgery.

Is Presbyopia common?
Yes, it happens to everyone at some point even if they've not had a vision problem before.

Are Presbyopia and Farsightedness the same condition?
No, they're not. They are caused by different problems with the eye. Presbyopia is caused by the lens losing it's flexibility. Farsightedness is caused by the eyeball being shorter than normal.

Are there any new procedures to deal with Presbyopia?
Yes, there are some exciting developments including Artificial Lenses, Laser Presbyopia Reversal (LAPR), and Anterior Ciliary Sclerotomy (ACS).

Am I a good candidate for refractive surgery?
Your body and your eyes must be healthy, and your vision prescription must be stable. A complete examination and consultation will help determine the answer to these questions. It's recommended that you leave your contact lenses off for two weeks (soft lenses) or three weeks (rigid lenses) prior to this consultation.
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